• Github is the new home for YaCOMAS Project

    YaCOMAS project has been started a new phase, where we are going to build new version of the system, while add patch, reports and fix issues with the actual version.

    We have moved the repository to github, and we are going to continue the development of the project there.
    SVN repository continues just for historical reasons.

    go and clone YaCOMAS repository, and join the development team

    git clone

    This homepage and mailing list stays the same.

    -More info:

  • YaCOMAS Payments module uploaded to Trunk

    Tons of improvements and fixes implemented in the past FSL Vallarta 2011 has been uploaded to Trunk.
    * Fixes regarding UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 has been also uploaded.
    * Update database schema
    Go get it: svn co yacomas
  • YaCOMAS Vulnerability & Security Advisory

    A security advisory have been published over some vulnerabilities in yacomas 0.3.6 Alpha, and quite posible old versions.

    YaCOMAS 0.3.6 Multiple vulnerability
    Software: Yacomas 0.3.6
    Vuln Type: Multiple Vulnerability
    Download link:
    Author: Pr@fesOr X
    contact: profesor_x(at)
    Company: Centro de Investigaciones en Alta Tecnologia

    Link with details:

    NOTE:If you work with YaCOMAS and want to send over a patch to fix these issues will be greatly appreciated ;-)

  • Screenshots and Downloads in Sourceforge page

  • YaCOMAS Payments modules added into Trunk

    A big patch with not fully tested code with support of payments control (not paypal nor credit card support) has been added to Trunk, This patch adds support to control inscription and hotel payments control, from a sinlge attendance to the conference to many. This code has been used in the latest Free Software Conference in Mexico Festival de Software Libre Vallarta 2010

    Inscription to workshops made by the asistente has been disabled, and is in its way to be disabled.

    Only workshops remain to be chosen and limited access to get in, also these has to get paid.

    Mockups of the project are also been added Thanks to Balsamiq Mockups

    yacomas payment control FSL2010

    Get the source: svn co yacomas

    Big thanks to @levhita who has been contributed a lot to the project

    Follow us:
  • Yacomas 0.3.6_alpha Released

    Wooahh yacomas 0.3.6_alpha has been relased after couple years ;-)
    These changes have coding style modifications, and add speakers and calendar autogenerated upon other stuff.


    2010-10-07 pattux
    Tagging the 0.3.6_alpha release of yacomas
    2010-10-07 pattux
    Remove boxes from calendars
    2010-10-07 pattux
    * Add fix to stylesheet to allow tables fix to chrome, and italics at speakers name in calendar
    2010-10-07 pattux
    Fix character ] missplaced
    2010-10-07 pattux
    Fix main menu, and add missing css style for speakers p.ponente
    2010-10-07 pattux
    Add !empty validator to $ponente_array
    2010-10-07 pattux
    Fix Line 203/ $idponente to $_GET['idponente']
    2010-10-07 pattux
    yacomas micro button polished
    2010-10-06 pattux
    Fix yacomas image in footer
    2010-10-06 pattux
    spaces fixed
    2010-10-06 pattux
    Add filter to otherspeakers query to not show spekaers previously shown in keynote speakers
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Fix bottom page
    2010-10-05 pattux
    remove author
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Remove old code not being used, mostly calendar in asistente and programa
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Change 2010-10-05 pattux
    Add speakers list module
    Modify main index to show calendar/speakers/propossals list/propossals accepted
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Add planner to asistente menu
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Add tags to calendar/planner and to Vponencia to go to the top of the page or to go back to certain talk/event
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Add tag to normalize blocks or rooms sizes
    Add nl2br to support carriage return in tittle/resume/descr
    2010-10-05 pattux
    friendly dynamic planner/calendar
    Presentador de programa mucho mas amigable
    Made by @levhita /
    2010-10-05 pattux
    Rollback to revision 124, missed files on commit 125
    2010-10-05 pattux
    friendly dynamic planner/calendar
    Presentador de programa mucho mas amigable
    Made by @levhita /
    2010-09-09 pattux
    Add aceptadas list
    2010-09-09 pattux
    * Add the patch to add a picture to each speaker (from levhita)
    * Update version
    2010-09-09 pattux
    * Fix typos
    * Remove misplassed session_start
    * Add a message in the notification of new ponente/asistente
    * Update doc
    * Update style1
    * Update colors
    * Add variables to make easier the notification message once the conference status is updated and the mail is sent
    * Update the view of lista_propuestas.php
    2008-07-06 pattux
    * Change * Edit INSTALL and create_db.sql to be more accurate.
    2007-10-03 pattux
    asistente/menuasistente.php: Uncomment line to taller/workshop
    index.php: Uncomment line to make list of propossals available
    2007-09-24 pattux
    includes/ Changed the default uri to report a bug to use
    sourceforge tracker
    2007-07-30 pattux
    Add Doc/CREDITS file
    2007-07-30 pattux
    Migration to, change yacomas/trunk/Doc/version to show it as trunk
  • YaCOMAS Web site is Online