YaCOMAS Vulnerability & Security Advisory

A security advisory have been published over some vulnerabilities in yacomas 0.3.6 Alpha, and quite posible old versions.

YaCOMAS 0.3.6 Multiple vulnerability
Software: Yacomas 0.3.6
Vendor: http://yacomas.sourceforge.net/
Vuln Type: Multiple Vulnerability
Download link: http://patux.net/downloads/yacomas-0.3.6_alpha.tar.gz
Author: Pr@fesOr X
contact: profesor_x(at)otmail.com
Home: www.ccat.edu.mx
Company: Centro de Investigaciones en Alta Tecnologia

Link with details: http://www.ccat.edu.mx/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146:ccat-research-labs-advisory-no-11&catid=50:advisor-&Itemid=78

NOTE:If you work with YaCOMAS and want to send over a patch to fix these issues will be greatly appreciated ;-)