YaCOMAS Payments modules added into Trunk

A big patch with not fully tested code with support of payments control (not paypal nor credit card support) has been added to Trunk, This patch adds support to control inscription and hotel payments control, from a sinlge attendance to the conference to many. This code has been used in the latest Free Software Conference in Mexico Festival de Software Libre Vallarta 2010

Inscription to workshops made by the asistente has been disabled, and is in its way to be disabled.

Only workshops remain to be chosen and limited access to get in, also these has to get paid.

Mockups of the project are also been added Thanks to Balsamiq Mockups

yacomas payment control FSL2010

Get the source: svn co https://yacomas.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/yacomas/trunk yacomas

Big thanks to @levhita who has been contributed a lot to the project

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